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Year 0 Subscription
Year 0 Subscription
Manuel Gutierrez driving around San Miguel Escobar

Year 0 Subscription

Location: Antigua Valley, Guatemala 

Process: Washed

Size: 12 oz.

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  • Overview

    Location: San Miguel Escobar, Antigua Valley

    FOB price* (price paid to farmer): $3.20/lb

    Process: Washed

    Size: 12 oz.

    *The minimum FOB price for Fair Trade certified coffee is $1.40 per pound. In 2020, the median FOB price for green specialty coffee was $2.60 per pound.

  • Tasting notes

    Light roast: White Wine I Golden Raisin I Floral I Citrus Acidity I Buttery Mouthfeel

    Dark roast: Pipe Tobacco I Dark Chocolate I Baking Spices I Low Acidity I Crisp Mouthfeel

  • Shipping

    We ship to the lower 48 states of America and charge a flat rate of $3.00 per order.

    Our light roast coffee has a blue sticker, and the dark roast has an orange sticker.

    Biota’s 1x per month subscription includes two 12 oz. bags. Orders placed by Tuesday at midnight are roasted + packed on Wednesdays and shipped via USPS on Thursday mornings.

    All other orders are fulfilled on a rolling basis.

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