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Meet The Cadets

Parker is a social entrepreneur who has gone from scaling a food waste logistics company out of his college dorm room to working as an investor partnering with founders daring to restore the planet. Zachary is a coffee quality specialist with seven years in the specialty coffee sector. His mission is to combine high quality coffee production with cutting-edge regenerative agricultural techniques. Bárbara is a climate adaptation specialist who leverages her background in engineering to help communities thrive in a collaborative, equitable, and sustainable manner. Deeper Roots is a Cincinnati-based roaster with a deep commitment to excellence in the ethical sourcing and crafting of specialty coffees. AIR Guatemala's farm technicians are Biota’s boots on the ground - working with our producers to integrate tree nurseries and other regenerative practices that restore soil health while sequestering carbon.

Movements start small. Our journey began when Parker Hughes, a climatetech investor, and Zach Latimore, a coffee quality specialist, bonded over the idea that regenerative farming could unlock ecological and economic benefits, in addition to banging java.

Today, Biota has grown into a team of cadets on a mission to cultivate exceptional coffee that restores planetary health and human wellbeing.

Core Values

Use business to restore nature

Biota was born out of the realization that you can’t incrementally fix what is fundamentally broken. We view ourselves as cadets embarking on a journey to align ecological and financial outcomes. 

Contribute more than you consume

A regenerative supply chain starts with forming quality relationships that help everyone prosper.

​​Champion the farmer

Farmers carry too much risk and reap too few rewards. We rebalance power to help our producers thrive.

Strive for durability

We focus on designing durable processes that can withstand and even benefit from disorder. 

Adopt a high-commitment mindset 

We encourage every team member to think like a founder, question assumptions, drive experiments, and be held accountable. 

Be a rebel with a cause 

We are mavericks who lead with curiosity, embrace uncertainty, and revel in the opportunity to work on systemic problems without clear answers.

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