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Astronauts brewing coffee with an aeropress


The Aeropress combines the full immersion of the French Press, the percolation of a drip pourover, and the pressure of a plunger. With all these variables to adjust, you can achieve a wide variety of coffee profiles and precisely dial in your favorite brew.

Brew time: 2 to 3 minutes

Serving Sizes

12g of light roast coffee: 200 g water

Grind size: Drip grind or fine grind

Water temperature: 185 to 195 degrees


1) Heat your water to boiling and grind your coffee.

2) Put the paper filter in the cap and screw it onto the body of the Aeropress. Set it onto your mug or the vessel into which you are going to brew. Add enough hot water to thoroughly rinse the filter. Swirl the water around in the Aeropress to pre-heat the body portion as well. Let the water drain through or use the plunger to push it through. Discard the rinse water, let it cool, and then use it to water a plant.

3) This method uses the inverted technique, so after rinsing the filter and pre-heating the Aeropress, push the plunger a little way into the body and set it upside down on your counter.

4) Add the 12g of coffee.

5) Add 24 to 40g of water and vigorously swirl the coffee to thoroughly soak it and bloom it in the water. Bloom the coffee for 30 seconds.

6) Add the rest of the water and then screw on the cap with filter in, then flip the Aeropress over onto your mug or brew vessel. Allow the coffee to steep for one minute.

7) At the 1:30 mark, begin to slowly push down on the plunger. A very slow, gentle plunge will produce a cleaner and an overall better cup of coffee. Aim for at least 30 seconds of plunging and up to a minute and a half.


The quality of your water is vital to the quality of your coffee. Coffee needs a certain amount of minerals to extract effectively. Thus, filtered water is always better than tap water.

Grind quality is important. Blade grinders do not yield a consistent grind size - producing a mixture of very small and some very large particles. This will lead to a mix of under- and over-extracted grinds. Our mission specialists recommend Burr grinders for a better experience.

Because the coffee is in such tight contact with the water in the Aeropress, a lower water temperature is usually sufficient for a good extraction. However, certain methods call for higher temperatures. This is an easy variable to adjust to achieve different levels of extraction.

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